clear away

remove from sight
Syn: ↑clear off
Hypernyms: ↑remove, ↑take, ↑take away, ↑withdraw
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Somebody ——s something PP

* * *

1. : to remove or dispose of (something that obstructs, impedes, or inconveniences)

the recent adjudication cleared away all obstacles to the bond issue

2. : to free from entanglement or obstruction so as to make ready for use

clear away an anchor ready to let go

: to remove from a table or a room the dishes, food, and other remains of a meal

* * *

clear away
To remove (crockery, uneaten food, etc) after a meal
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Main Entry:clear

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ˌclear ˈaway [intransitive/transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they clear away he/she/it clears away present participle clearing away past tense cleared away past participle cleared away] phrasal verb
to remove something that you have finished using or no longer want in order to make a place tidy

A young woman cleared away their empty cups.

You sit down – I’ll clear away.

Thesaurus: to make things cleaner or tidiersynonym
Main entry: clear

* * *

clear away [phrasal verb]
clear (something) away or clear away (something) : to remove (something) from an area or surface

Just give me a moment to clear away all these papers, then we can sit down at the table.

— sometimes used figuratively

They had a long talk and were able to clear away [=clear up, resolve] all their misunderstandings.

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Main Entry:clear

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ˌclear aˈway | ˌclear sthaˈway derived
to remove sth because it is not wanted or needed, or in order to leave a clear space

He cleared away and made coffee.

It's time your toys were cleared away.

Main entry:clearderived

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